A girly and stylish wedding in the woods

This stylish wedding in the woods features the love of two brides, Janieve and Tauna, and as Janieve describes their wedding, a “ballroom in the woods.” Full of sparkles, glitter, all things pink, 2000’s rap music, and a full broad range of emotions, this particular day was certainly special. I’ll do my best to not ramble.  

For respect to their privacy, I’ll use generalities.  The road to this day for these girls was not easy. For both of them, coming out later in life presented many challenges on all fronts. They faced rejection, backlash from loved ones, and the same heartbreak we’ve all probably experienced, but on a level that rocked them to the core. After coming out of the dark holes they found themselves in as newly announced lesbians, they began to find hope and strength in each other, despite the hurt they were experiencing from being together. And from there a tremendous love story re-surfaced.  

They toyed with the idea of eloping, due to the ongoing stress from different facets in their life. But for Janieve, having a wedding of her dreams was still of the upmost importance, and they both vocalized wanting to having a traditional wedding with all their friends and family to celebrate with. Particularly the ones who helped nursed them back to health when the turmoil of rejection was too strong. So she planned all the girly things, dressed herself as a “boujie ass princess” and kept her head strong like the queen she is.  

Their ceremony was long as they had a lot to say. Starting off with a game of rock paper scissors to see who got to go first for their vows (softball girls are competitive), they evoked tears and simultaneously belly laughs from everyone in attendance, including myself. A band performed live and it was one of the sweetest moments I've been able to experience being a wedding photographer. The emotional rollercoaster of a ceremony ended with Tauna thinking the officiant said “I know pronounce you, illegally, wife and wife.” (He in fact, said legally, not illegally) haha.   

Both girls had wedding parties, full of sparkles of course. One bridesman had a pink glitter bow tie, while wearing a full pink suit. It was fucking legit. Janieve chose mauve/pink for her varying shades of wedding party attire and Tauna chose grey for her peeps.  

Their reception was FUN. They served pulled pork sandwiches, mac n cheese, and all the fixin’s. They had a dessert table featuring every sugar imaginable. The open bar kept the dancing going and DJ played several odes to Tauna’s personality, Missy Elliot and Pink.  If you're hosting a wedding in the woods and need all the stylish and modern inspiration, check out the photos below!

Brides: Janieve and Tauna Nelson 

Venue: Holiday Farm Resort, Blue River, Oregon 

Photographer: Michelle Breiter Photography

Flowers: WildFlower Portland 

Makeup: Sarah Gray Beauty 

Hair for both brides: Janieve Nelson 

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