Preparing for your engagement session

There’s been a trend recently when I am getting to know a couple before their engagement session, and they tell me “Michelle, we’re super awkward and don’t know how to pose like all your other couples.” First off, no one I have worked with knows how to pose themselves, unless they’re models, which none of my couples are. My job as your photographer is to get you comfortable in front of the camera so you can relax and be yourself, so reading this may help you in preparing for your engagement session.

How exactly do I do that? Beer. Kidding, sort of. I always recommend bring booze to your session. Why? Liquid courage. It helps you relax, get rid of those silly feelings, and also it gives you something to do with your hands. Now if you’re not a boozer or don’t feel like being those people who bring a six pack to the park, don’t fret. All you need is a good attitude. Check out this engagement session with Chelsey and Paul who drank coffee during their session but brought hella good attitudes which made their session go so well.

By the time your session rolls around, we may have already FaceTimed, sent a few emails back and forth, and texted a bit. By then, you hopefully feel a bit more comfortable with me which helps tremendously in preparing for your engagement session. This is why I spend so much time getting to know you in the booking process. I start my engagement sessions by telling my couples not to look at the camera unless I tell them to. I also tell them I’ll be giving them fun little prompts, instead of poses, and for these to work they need to not overthink it. Something I may say could be “hug your partner from behind like you just came home from work and haven’t seen each other all day. Nuzzle up and spend a few moments cuddling and sneak in some kisses on the cheek/neck/shoulder. Keep your hands moving and if you don’t know what to do with your hands, rub their shoulder, arm, hair out of their face, etc.” This is usually a good starting point and a gauge for me to see if they need micro-adjustments. I want your photos to be a reflection of yourselves but I also want them to be flattering, so I may say “that looks great, now tilt your chin down a bit and pull your cheeks in closer together.”

I don’t want to give all my secrets away but hopefully you can tell what I mean by prompts instead of poses. I became a wedding photographer because I was tired of seeing so many cheesy poses that didn’t look like the couple at all. I want to make real photos, with real people, that they’ll always remember this chapter in their lives. With real kisses, hugs, and moments that reflect who they are. If you're on the hunt for engagement photos that represent who you are, in a fun way without cheesy poses, click here to submit an inquiry and I’ll respond ASAP, I promise.

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