Lake Tahoe couple’s session

Back in May, I road tripped with a girlfriend to shoot a wedding in Nevada followed by this (perhaps one of my favorites) couple's session in Lake Tahoe. It was a wild trip with some pretty funny stories, but I'll keep it short with a mental picture of two girls hauling luggage through an airbnb with a grocery cart and buying 22oz. of Firestone 805 at 9 o'clock in the morning. No we didn't drink it that early, but we got some looks.

The hottie couple featured below are Anthony and Mercedez. This session was a taadddd special because I have known Anthony since 7th grade (that's like 20 years- shit I'm old.) This was back when friendships were confusing because he made fun of me for wearing high-water pants (#tallgirlprobs). Anthony grew to be one of my closest friends starting from the stinky hallways of junior high and well past our college years. Fast forward and adult life happened followed by us losing touch for awhile, with the occasional instagram like or comment. Well thanks to that little app, Anthony was following my photography work and recommended me to a friend when she needed a wedding photographer. We sealed the deal and I found myself driving 8 hours south to Nevada with a playlist so diverse, Ludacris and Celine Dion would be neighbors.

I was stoked when Ant and Mercedez chose Lake Tahoe for their first ever couple's session. My friend Beverly and I started the day early, catching some sun by the lake and admiring the view, barely touching our toes to the freezing water. When the couple of the hour showed up, we got right to work, catching up on old life and new- while I watched them make out. It wasn't weird. We ended the night with a fancy dinner I was clearly underdressed for thanks to my dirty Birkenstock toes. My friend and I didn't skip a beat and I came out of it with a new gal pal. I hope I don't sound cheesy, but my heart is legit full. I am thankful everyday for this job that allows me to connect with old friends and new. Thank you guys for trusting me, laughing with me, and treating me to one of the best meals I've had in a long time.

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