a laid-back Oregon wedding

Jocelyn and Jackson hosted their laid-back (and rainy) wedding at Shepherdsfield, a hidden gem in Sisters Oregon. I could be a wedding photographer for 20 more years and still discover new wedding venues in Central Oregon. This place had some some legit views and just an overall gorgeous property. What I loved most about this wedding was how easy it felt. They kept some wedding traditions but for the most part but they did things how they wanted to. Their dog, Pepper, and each of their older sisters made of the small wedding party of three. Pepper's cousin, Kona, also made some appearances during the ceremony. Which was hilarious to see a large dog just walking around in front of two people reading their vows and it didn't phase them. That's how laid back this wedding was, and I'm here for it.

I got to shoot J+J's engagement pictures last year so I felt like I had a good sense for their personalities. Boy was I wrong. Jackson was so visibly overwhelmed with emotion as Jocelyn came down the aisle that I was surprised because I didn't expect that out of him. Super glad both me and my second shooter, (thanks Esther!) were able to grab those shots. The large space of the outdoor venue really helps with allowing photographers to move around a ton and be ready for those moments (something to think about if you're wedding planning.) Jason Graham, or Mosely WOtta is his stage name, officiated the ceremony and the story of how that happened is pretty funny. This is like third hand information so I'll probably mix up a few details. Anyways, the "fly by the seat of her pants" bride as Jocelyn's sister put it during her epic speech, hadn't booked an officiant for their wedding that was two weeks away. During their weekly trivia night, a friend of the bride and groom overheard this and was like "you should ask him, I think he's an officiant" and pointed across the bar to Mosley. And I guess he was all like, "sure I'll do it." And that's how a local hip-hop artist came to officiate this laid-back wedding.

The reception was rained out keeping the yard games to a minimum as everyone huddled under tents. Parrilla Grill catered the reception with the best tacos in Bend and mouth-watering margaritas (I usually don't say things like that but my mouth literally watered as I was typing margaritas lmao). After some tender, yet hilarious speeches from both the bride and groom's sisters, as well as Jocelyn's dad, the party was moved inside so everyone could warm up. They turned the living room into social hour and the kitchen into a dance party (they both really like to do the sprinkler) and I loved being a part of it.

Venue: Shepherdsfield in Sisters, Oregon

Photographer: Michelle Breiter Photography 

Assisted by:  Esther Rohr Photography

Catering:  Parilla Grill

Flowers: DIY by bride's sister, Lauren

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