Dolly Sods engagement session

If you're on the hunt for locations around West Virginia for your engagement photos, I highly recommend checking out the Dolly Sods area. Although if you go at sunrise like we did, be prepared for COLD winds, even in the summer.

When Corina and Katie said they were up for anything for their engagement photos, I put that statement to the test. My husband and I were staying in Pittsburgh with a friend the night prior to their session. Sunrise was at 5:45am and we were a 4.5 hour drive away. Which meant getting up up at 1am to make it in time. Holy shit were we tired. After our session, we all got breakfast together and it was around 10am and I remember thinking, dude is this day ever going to end?! I also thought, if I get up everyday at 1am, I could have so much more time to get work done. HA.

The West Virginia sunrise was more than we imagined at 4,000ft elevation. It was STUNNING. It was difficult to not stand in awe at what we were witnessing, but I had about 10 minutes of perfect sunrise light so I had to stay focused. We ended up capturing the top-pick photo right off the bat but I persisted on, only to be brought down by my husband who said "babe, they're turning purple we need to stop." These poor girls were so cold, lips chattering, holding each other to stay warm, but they were CHAMPS! After my husband made me stop shooting, we all piled in the car, blasting the heat and headed down the mountain to find a warmer second location. The girls' changed into another outfit and we got snuggly in a grassy field that we just happened to find. I left my impression on them with inappropriate jokes, a strong need for a nap, and excitement for their May wedding next year. Corina and Katie- thank you for making the super early trek to Dolly Sods for your engagement photos. I cannot wait for your wedding and I am happy to know you both.

One last thing about these photos- these two girls have NEVER kissed/shown affection in front of ANYONE. I met them for the first time on the side of the road in the dark and 15 minutes later I was having them make out on a mountain. Now knowing that, I am so thankful that they trusted me and shared their story with me. I imagine being LGBTQ in a conservative state like West Virginia has to be hard, so seriously, thank you Corina and Katie. I hope I did your love story the justice it deserves.

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