Charleston WV Engagement | Taylor Books

This is one of my favorite engagement sessions I’ve ever done. I’ll tell you why in a second. But first, I always recommend to my couples that we do something for their engagement session instead of just go pose outside. Sometimes people take me up on it, other times they just kinda say eh-whatever and we just wing it. Which is totally fine by me, but when you have a plan, or an idea, it can make your session so much more amazing.

Like Chelsey and Paul here, who thanks to Chelsey’s type A personality, HAD to have a plan. So she wanted to start at home, making coffee like they usually do, and took my direction for snuggles on the front porch. Then we took off to Taylor’s Books in downtown Charleston where she had Paul had spent many of weekends home from college together.

Since we had something to do (make coffee, check out books, walk around downtown) it made the session sooo easy for all of us. What also made this a wonderful experience for was Chelsey and Paul’s ability to follow instructions. They didn’t overthink anything, they had fun, and just had open and positive attitudes. And those are the perfect ingredients to have a fun, relaxed, and really unique engagement photos. If you're on the hunt for engagement photos that represent who you are, in a fun way without cheesy poses, click here to submit an inquiry and I’ll be in touch relatively quickly.

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