Same-sex wedding at The Brasada Ranch

This Brasada Ranch Wedding gallery features some favorite moments from a laid-back day showcasing the love of two brides saying “I do” in an intimate ceremony back in January. This indoor, winter wedding was full of love and beauty without all the stuff. The brides skipped traditional bridal parties, expensive decorations, and bouquet tosses. They focused on the love, the happiness, and the meaning behind promising a commitment forever. And that my friends, is my favorite kind of wedding to photograph.

When I got the inquiry for this wedding I was PUMPED. They met while playing basketball and just seemed like people I definitely wanted to work with. Their main concern was finding someone who was “legitimately queer friendly.” I remember my response like it was yesterday because it was right when I decided to start sounding like myself to clients instead of a robot. My reply was something along the lines of “its 2018 I can’t believe I have to say I’m queer friendly- I’ll work with anyone unless you’re an asshole.” Well needless to say they booked with me.

I consider myself an inclusive, gay-friendly photographer- who does not discriminate. I believe in all love stories, regardless of sexuality. Us wedding photographers have a special yet important job. To tell stories. And not the fun and glamorous “YAS QUEEN” stories. But the hard ones. The ones who face judgement. Those who aren’t accepted by friends, family, and even society. Same-sex couples who encounter hateful and close-minded opinions and often live in fear. Who may be afraid to touch their partner’s hand or show affection in public. The stories who have fought like hell to be able to marry the love of their life.

If you resonate with this and are looking for someone to document your love story- please reach out to me. I am here for you, without judgement, and with open arms.

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