A sunny engagement session

Sometimes finding the right photographer for your engagement photos (and wedding) can be a bit of a daunting task. There are some photographers who only shoot at sunset and others who stick to cheesy poses we’ve all seen time and time again. Well not me folks, if you work with me I can guarantee it will be fun and unique. What I loved about this engagement session was a myriad of things that all tied together to create a beautiful gallery that the couple raved about.

First, the couple trusted me when I chose a location that was roughly a 6 hour drive from their house. I know, 6 hours is a shit ton of time in the car just to go “take some pics and leave” but J + R wanted engagement photos that were unique and when I pitched the idea of these sand dunes in the middle of nowhere, they were all about it!

Second, I LOVED that we shot this engagement session in mid-day sun. I like the soft glowing light of sunset like the next wedding photographer, but stepping outside our comfort zone and making the time of the session work for clients who just drove 6 hours to work with you, is a must-do in my opinion. I shot the majority of this session with the sun directly on them, which brought out the color of the sky, sand, and her dress like no other. We all would randomly stop and be like “wow it is so damn beautiful here.” However, I need to contradict myself and say that mid-day sun may work with engagement photos where the photographer has control over angles, shadows, etc. but a mid-day wedding in full sun is a different story. During a wedding, the photographer has limited angles to work with and therefore may have really harsh shadows on face during vows, first kiss, and other important wedding moments. Check out this guide on how to time your wedding based on ideal lighting (particularly if you are planning a summer wedding)

Third, and lastly, what made this session so special was the relationship between myself and the couple, as well as their attitude. J+R were very nervous about the session. So much, that they had trouble sleeping the night before. Sometimes people are just nervous in front of the camera and that’s ok. My job is to make you feel comfortable enough to be yourself so the photos reflect who you really are. So immediately, I put J+R to ease right when I met them, by being myself and treating them like friends (I never talk professionally and will always drop some f-bombs.) They ended up relaxing and having amazing attitudes which in turn, laid the foundation for some pretty amazing engagement photos.

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