A rainy, DIY wedding

Imagine having a classified tornado go through your outdoor wedding. And it rips up the tents, shreds through the cupcakes, smashes all the wine glasses, and creates a mudpit for the dance floor. Sounds terrible right? Well when you have the “eh shit happens” attitude like Jes and Matt did (plus endless amounts of wine and weed) it actually wasn’t that bad. I mean it was wet, don’t get me wrong, and I had to keep my camera covered with a plastic bag the entire time. But this was an amazing wedding full of love and the rain didn’t stop these two love birds from celebrating as they planned.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jes all year. She’s a badass tattoo artist and gave me a killer thigh piece that makes me look way cooler than I am. She also has impeccable taste and an amazing eye for DIY. She planned and decorated almost her entire wedding herself- take note of the “bitch tits” cupcake flags she made. Her and Matt’s nicknames for each other are bitch tits and witch tits, which is fucking hilarious if you ask me. Anyways, I totally appreciate people who do things themselves. I believe in saving money and not going into debt, especially for a wedding, so I absolutely love the DIY trends that are going on right now. If you need some inspiration for your own wedding and check out this wedding magazine with DIY wedding ideas

This wedding venue had a peacock, which is rad, but it also was just so homey. It was large enough to host 100 people but small enough to feel like you were at a backyard bonfire. There’s a house on the property for getting ready, a treehouse for some cool wedding portraits (and a swing!) Jes made her own floral arrangements, did her own hair and makeup, and in the last minute changed her bridal shoes to rainboots. She’s basically the coolest bride ever.

The couple I resonate with the most are the ones who have great attitudes, go with the flow, and are focused on having a good time. If this sounds like you, click here to reach out and tell me more about your wedding. I’d love to photograph it.

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