A modern, indoor wedding

Snag all the modern wedding inspiration with this indoor winter wedding. Featuring a pre-ceremony trip to the bar! Weddings are a common occurrence in the summer and fall in West Virginia. Winter weddings may be less common but here’s a hint, you can save money if you plan a winter wedding, typically. Off-season rates are much cheaper than high season, so perhaps consider choosing a less-popular date if you’re tying the knot on a budget. Here is a list of epic locations in West Virginia where you may find inspiration for a winter wedding.

This wedding in particular was so fun for me because it a) a challenge and b) a bit non-traditional. Which if you know me or read anything about me, you may know that I love anything that fights tradition. First, it was a challenge because this was a 5pm ceremony inside, so it was dark, particularly because the sun set at 4:50pm that day. So keep this in mind when you plan your ceremony start time. If you have an evening ceremony, you can prepare for the best photography scenario with lots of string lights, market lights, and candles. Check out this articlewith lots of tips and inspiration on planning an indoor wedding.

Ariel and Nick didn’t want to spend too much of their photography time posing for photos, which works great with my style. I totally appreciate and love a documentary or “fly on the wall” approach. So after a first look and some quick family photos, we headed to a local bar so they could have some pre-ceremony drinks and chill. If you want to take inspiration from this for your own wedding and don’t want to spend a bunch of time posing for photos, incorporate activities or things to do with your people. I’ll be there to document it all and you don’t have to worry about awkward smiles and “what do I do with my hands.” Planning a wedding and still need a photographer? click here to submit an inquiry and I’ll be in touch within 24 hours, scouts honor.

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