meet michelle

Hey y’all. Michelle Breiter here. Repeat after me: // Bre-I-ter // As in ‘Brighter.’ ‍ Photographer, dog lover, and a sucker for good IPA. Camping enthusiast, french-fry obsessed, and an outspoken lady (in a fun and approachable way).

my philosophy?

To cut through the bullshit and be honest with each other. I want to photograph the real you and your authentic experience. The tears, frustrations, fleeting moments and joy that makes life complicated, beautiful, and worth sharing.

I love capturing moments that showcase personalities, emotions and individuals. The best part of my job is getting to know my clients – their quirks, their stories, their favorite moments – and translating their spirits into powerful and honest photographs. I especially love capturing a connection that can’t be put into words.

Let’s be blunt.

The wedding photography industry is saturated with robotic voices and personalities that all seem to produce a similar experience. If you are looking for a photography experience that is over-posed, a bit superficial, and uses verbiage like ‘magical’ and ‘lover of the light’ we may not be the best match. If you’re looking for a photographer that makes you feel comfortable in front of the lens and are open to a few (potentially bad) dad jokes, a fun day, and stunning photographs that make you feel, then we’ll get along just fine.  

The bottom line – I want to photograph the real you: not who society or Pinterest tells you to be.
If you’d like to tell your love story as genuinely as possible, I’d love to chat.

fun facts about me

My husband and I eloped to Jamaica and having our 15 closest friends and family there was the best 7-day wedding experience I could have dreamed up for us.

I LOVE tattoos. On me, on other people. Yes to all the tats.

I ~technically ~ met my husband (read: soulmate) online. Not on a dating site but through a friend on Facebook.
We spent a total of 9 days together before we were engaged. When ya know, ya know.

I am tall. Like 6 feet tall.

Pro: I can reach all the shelves at the grocery store.
Cons: Always returning clothes from online shopping.

Florence + the Machine, camping, and IPA’s are at the top of favorites list.

I love dogs and yes I will let your dog kiss me on the mouth.

It’s gross, I know.

photography is an investment into your memories.

Moments and days are fleeting, but honest photography allows you to relive your past. Each photography package is customized to fit your budget, goals and personality.