for the moments that make you feel

I pick up my camera, time and time again, to harness the power of creating an honest story. To document your love, your journey and your experience so a decade down the line you can look at one of your photos and remember what it felt like. Whoever you love, whoever you are, whoever you want to be. 

I want to tell your story as genuinely as possible and capture your unique spirit.

Located in Bend, OR but always down to travel.

hey - i'm Michelle

I approach photography like I do life: with an outlook that is fun, relaxed and natural. I value meaningful moments over perfection. I will work my ass off to deliver an experience that is a true reflection of your love and connection. 

My photography style may not be for everyone.

I’m sarcastic, relaxed, witty, will definitely say ‘y’all’, and may drop an f-bomb here and there. But I make couples feel comfortable, natural and happy, which resonates beautifully in timeless photos.

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"She is an excellent communicator, thoughtful, and artistic"

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